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Air Raid's Beast Wars Home Page Beast Wars fan site by Gregory "Air Raid" Loo.
Alpha Trion's Data Base A comprehensive basic TF resource site
Australian TFs Resource Guide Australian Transformers news and official site of the OzFormers fan club.
Autobase Aichi Toy resource site by Nakashima. Lots of nifty toy pics!
Ben's World of Transformers (BWTF) Ben Yee's sane site.
Big Bad Toy Store Joel's online toy dealership. Not cheap, but reliable. Renaud's good old big page o' links!

Bitzenpeecis Workshop

Wayne "Sofaman" Bickley's BW/BM parts ID site
BotCon Europe Europe's premiere Transformers convention
BotCon Japan Akiyama Fukihito's page
BotCon USA Beats invading other countries as a political stunt
Chee-Toy's Transformers Art Also home of her "Off-Set" online comic sieries. Series. dirge's toy review page - lots of toy reviews!!
Code Red Kishi Yji's official site (voice actor for Scuba)
David Kaye Productions David Kaye's official site (voice actor for Megatron)
David Lau's Beast Wars Page Has some Japanese BW magazine images archived
David Sobolov - Voice Guy David Sobolov's official site (voice actor for Depth Charge)
DiacloneNet Learn about the toyline that gave rise to the Transformers!
DinoBASE Tzawa Rio's Transformers/Beast Wars fan site
Dreamwave Productions Canadian comic company publishing Transformers
Dr Sigma's Laboratory Japanese Transformers Tech Specs archive
Electric Escape Rob Jung's page. Home of the toy list, episode guides and Trannies!
Equinox's Labyrinth Photos of Equinox's personal collection
FawnDoo's Cavalcade of Whimsy Intellectual discussion forum for Transfans - philosophy, politics etc
Glorious Miracle Transformers Sat Yta's Transformers fan site
Greg Gaub's Transformers Page Home of animated Transformer logos and other fan creations
Gri's Room Gri as in Grizzly-1. Get it? I do. You're not missing out on much.
Guido's Transformers Fanart Page Guido Guidi - reknowned fan artist now Dreamwave comic artist!
Hobby Link Japan An online dealer based in Gunma. Cheap prices, slow shipping.
Ironhide's Home Sat Yusuke's page of fan art and a nifty message board
Jeroen's Transformers Page Home of the Pre-Transformers page! Dia-Clonnnne!
JRX! Lots of links to various Transformers Car Robot fan sites
Obscure Transformers Website The only TF site I know with a .us domain, and it's run by an Aussie ;)
Off and Running Paul Frawley's Transformers site
Optimus Operation Fantastic 2D and 3D artwork; also does art for Takara and Figure-
Oreno Magazine (OreMaga) Itomichi's page on Transformers and other mecha toys
Lexicon Transformers fanfics, essays, toy reviews etc.
Mika Productions Mark Harrison's fan art
Ratbat (and Grimlock's) TFs Site pssst! They're the same guy!
Remy's Transformers TF Kenkon Lots of fantastic toy photos
Rework's Transformers Page G1-G2 Transformers parts identification site
Rodimus Prime- The Chosen One For those of you who wanna rock like it's1986
SikCow Toys Toy importer - also stocks Transformers. Transformers news site Transformers Universe Information: a concise online toy encylopedia US Transformers news site Official Transformers web site from Hasbro
Transformers (Generation One) Official Transformers web site from Takara
Transformers @ the Moon UK Transformers news bulletin site
Transformers Car Robot Official site from TV Tokyo
Transformers Collector Chris Bucci's classic site
Transformers-Net One of the first sites to offer Transformers desktop themes and wallpapers!
Transformers Super Link Official site from TV Tokyo
Transformers World: 2005 Another Transformers news site
TV Tokyo (not the official site for TV Tokyo) Good resource on Gaijin Transformers stuff
Ultra Magnus' Transformers Page Last time Karim bothered to update this page, Robert Stack was still alive
Wildfur Productions Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman's web home