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Unless stated otherwise, all photos courtesy of ExcelonZero

DAY ONE, April 5 2003

Setting up the OzFormers booth before the guests arrive.

Fans start trickling in.

More fans checking out display items and exclusive merchandise.

ExcelonZero sells an exclusive poster to a happy customer! (Photo courtesy of Slykura)
(Photo courtesy of Slykura)
The SupaNova volunteer uniform, staff badges and giftbags all had images of Optimus Prime on them.

DAY TWO, April 6 2003

The OzFormers booth volunteer staff! L-R: ExcelonZero, Dirge, Goktimus Prime and Griffin.

Dirge takes a moment to relax whilst Griffin makes a quick stock check.

On a non-Transformers related note, Goktimus Prime poses with Star Wars actor Mary Oyaya!

A close-up of the G1 toy display case. The top shelf showcases characters from the convention exclusive comic book ("On Devil's Ground") as well as some rare convention and online exclusive figures. The bottom section holds the "Death of Optimus Prime" diarama.

Close-up of the "Death of Optimus Prime" diarama (image is large)

Close-up of the Beast Wars battle diarama