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          TOY REVIEW

Name: Chase
Allegiance: Autobot
Sub-Group: Throttlebot
Function: Scout
Vehicular Mode: Ferrari



Height: 3cm
Length: 7cm
Width: 3.5cm
Fairly good car form, almost perfect, actually. Aside from the huge dents in the hood where the robot's upper legs fold up. While the Throttlebots copied the Battlecharger's transformation, Chase looks like Runabout's little brother. In fact, the colors are a reversal of Runabout, with a red car body and black windows. The front bumper is also black, being a separate piece. The windows also follow the Battlecharger pattern, with the front window being a separate black piece, and the side windows are stickers. No back window though. The toy is covered in some nice details, including the flip-up headlight panels and various car detailings. The tires are rubber with gray hubcaps/rims.
(Note: The similarities between the Throttlebots and Battlechargers is not surprising considering that most of the Microman, Diaclone and Transformer toys were designed by the same team at Takara - Goktimus)

Gimmick: Pull it back, watch it go.


Fold up the sides, fold up the rear of the car, and unfold the back end to reveal the head. Slide the motor forward.


Height: 7cm
Width: 5.5cm
The Battlecharger ripoff is really evident here, though the downscaled size really hurts. The legs don't extend, and there's no shoulder gun. However, the lack of a floppy motor section make standing it more stable. The toy has no points of articulation. The head and rear joint piece is blue, with a gold face. The head is very Onslaught-like, but the back of the head is completely open and exposed. The motor section is black.

Gimmick: Pull it back, watch it go.


The "Classic" Chase (1991 re-release) has no rubsign nor rubsign indent.


It's not particularly bad, but it really doesn't do anything, and is a rather uninteresting toy overall. Good colors though. "C-"

This toy review was written by Justin Anderson