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          TOY REVIEW

Name: Jazz
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Special Operations / Saboteur
Vehicular Mode: N/A
"Do it in style or don't do it at all!"

Images coming soon!


It's a skateboard for Jazz. Turbo Board is essentially a 7cm gray platform, with 'grips' sculpted on. There are four posts which can be inserted into either two holes on the bottom of Jazz's feet, or into either hole in Jazz's fists (in gun mode). The rear portion of the board looks like an engine with four mufflers. Vroom vroom, it's a turbo skateboard. Shyeah.

To transform Turbo Board, simply flick the orange switch on the engine and turn the front section 90 degrees. Fit this oversized weapon into either fist and watch either his arm slump down, or the entire toy keel over from the uneven weight distribution.


Like all Action Masters, Action Master Jazz can not transform. Yes, that does suck. It sucks BIG time. In a rather lame attempt to compensate for this, the Action Masters are given better (although not brilliant) articulation and for those based on pre-existing Transformers (like Jazz), they are sculpted to resemble the TV show/comic book (albeit it's still not perfectly comic/show accurate anyway). Jazz is white with gray, blue and black accents throughout. There are some turqoise and red accents on the chest.

As mentioned before, this is not a perfectly comic/show accurate representation of Jazz. Jazz featured a lot more black. Also, the head is far too big -- being in proportion of a human, but out of proportion for a Transformer. Also, the articulation really isn't that impressive. Each Action Master features seven points of articulation. And most of these are swivel joints. The hips are attached to these spring loaded ball joints, which are far too tight and make it very difficult to reattach a leg if it comes off. The arms also have a tendency to pop off and are very loose when reattached. This is certainly a far cry from the technology we've become accustomed to since the Beast Wars -- where ball and socket joints have become standard (thus limbs pop back in nicely if they become dettached) and figures feature at least nine points of articulation.


Action Masters just suck.