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          TOY REVIEW

Name: Jazz
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Special Operations / Saboteur
Vehicular Mode: Porsche 935 Turbo
"Do it in style or don't bother doing it."

Images coming soon!


Jazz's outer Pretender shell resembles a human male decked out in a flight suit. The shell features four different shades of blue and has white gloves, shoulder pads and helmet. The helmet is accented with a red visor sticker. Stickers on the chest provide some additional blue, gray, white, black, yellow and red accents (as well as an Autobot insignia). However, these stickers are prone to peeling. Upon removing the helmet, we see that the head has a Caucasian white texture and brown hair and eyes. The paint on the head is prone to scraping from the helmet, which is a common problem among all human Pretender shells. The shell features a miserable two points of articulation. He can swing his arms up and down. To open the shell, remove the helmet and simply split the shell in half (this ain't rocket science, folks).


Height: 9cm
One criticism that many fans have had against Pretenders is that they tend to have very underwhelming robot modes. This is because the robots are often simplistic in order to squish them into the limited space inside the Pretender shell. However, Jazz is probably one of the better examples of the Pretender gimmick. The main problem with this mode is that the chest is way too big. It's so high that when you look at Jazz front on, you can't see anything below the eye. Jazz is primarily a white robot, with black arms, waist and legs. There are black, white, red, yellow and blue decos throughout, provided by stickers.


Lift up chest. Push in arms. Push in legs.


At 9.3cm in length, this is actually a fairly good vehicle mode and representation of a Porsche 935 Turbo, considering that it's a Pretender, and arguably the second best looking Pretender alt mode next to Pretender Bumblebee. The only ungainly looking part of this mode is the rear, which is pretty chunky. The front windscreen is actually painted black, but the other windows are all black stickers. Which is stupid, because stickers have a tendency to peel off. There are two Arabic numeral "4"s on either door, as well as a red dot with a white bar going across it. Inside this white bar is some illegible scrawl. There is a hole on the roof which you can attach the gun to.


Not a terribly impressive toy. Only recommended for serious fans.