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Planet Sabretron and OzFormers present


Australian Transformers Convention Project



"Transformers: On Devil's Ground"

Black and white exclusive comic sold at OzFormers stall at SupaNova 2003.

Written by Dick Andrews, art by Ota Taiga (Tiger Convoy), Nathan Soehardi and Andrew Sorohan (Jhiaxus)

The story tells of early attempts of diplomacy during the dawn of the Transformers' Great Civil War and is a personal tale about how Cliffjumper came to be the way he is.

"Transformers: Prelude to Chaos"

Full colour exclusive comic. Given free to all attendees at Sabretron 2004.

Story by Jhiaxus, 3-D art by Lynx Traveller.

It is the year 2004. A one-year prequel to Transformers The Movie set in current time allowing fans to "live" the story as it happens. This is the first of a series of convention exclusive comics which will run in "real time."

Autobot Chainmasters

Exclusive Transformer action figures given away free to all Sabretron 2004 pre-registrants.

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