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Goktimus Prime's TOY PICTURES

This page is pretty much a collection of photographs I've taken of toys.


Photocomics: a series of photographic comic skits

Photocomics: Holy Grail Edition: Jetez la vache!!

Execution of the Go-Bots: when ya just feel like destroying something, why not destroy a Go-Bot?

Kung Fu Fighting Toy Action: Transformers and other toys demonstrating martial arts.

Obi-wan Kenobi takes out Daniel Witwicky -- Darth Maul style!

Pictures of my Collection

Name says it all, really.

My G1 and G2 Transformers.

Bunch of boxes along with my
Optimus Primes, Megatrons,
God Fire Convoy, Gigatron and
some other misc.Beast 
Machines Transformers.

My Beast Wars, Beast 
Machines, Car Robot and
Robots In Disguise 

My Deployers perched
atop some other boxes

Transformers that couldn't fit 
anywhere else cobble around my
God Jinrai box near my PC.


(L-R): Lio Caesar, Packrat, Fractyl, Laser Optimus Prime, original Megatron and Combat Hero Megatron. A MOSC CD-ROM Convobat Vs Megalligator stands behind the two Megatrons.

Machine Wars Optimus Prime (L) next to Turbomaster Commander Thunderclash (R). MW Prime may have the better colours, but Thunderclash is the better toy with the rapid-fire mega-missile launching gimmick (which was removed from MW Optimus Prime).