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   Including posters and exclusive comic!
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   Watch the movie on the big screen - uncut!
* Video screenings
   Classic and rare episodes!
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Booth 18
Wharf 8, 53-59 Hickson Road Sydney
10:00-18:00, April 5 & 6 2003 

Navigational Tips:
- Near junction of Hickson Road, Sussex Street and Napoleon Street.
- Nearest train station is Wynyard Station (exits on York and George Streets)

Supanova Ticket Prices:

1. ONE-DAY PASSES (Saturday 5 or Sunday 6)
$13.50 full adult price
  $8.50 school students
$35.00 family of four

2. TWO-DAY PASSES (both days)
$25.00 full adult price
$15.00 school students

Tickets will be available at the door. 
For more information regarding ticketing, or to purchase your Supanova ticket now, contact Ticketek.

For more information, contact SupaNova.

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Why have an Australian Transformers Convention?
In countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan, Transformer fans have been enjoying the pleasure of attending Transformer conventions and/or Transformer boothes at other conventions such as Transcon (UK), JafCon (Japan) and of course, BotCon.

What is a Convention?

a. A formal meeting of members, representatives, or delegates, as of a political party, fraternal society, profession, or industry

Transformers conventions are held around the world in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan. These conventions not only allow Transformer fans to meet other fellow Transformer fans, but also to purchase exclusive memorabilia such as comic books, T-shirts and toys.

To date, Australia has yet to host a single Transformer convention. Seeing the success of Transformers conventions in other countries, many fans have become inspired to start a convention here. This page represents the current effort by a select group of Australian Transfans (primarily Griffin and myself) to have a Transformers convention established based around a booth at the SupaNova media convention in April 5-6 2003.

What is OzFormers?
OzFormers is the name of the upcoming "booth-convention" at SupaNova 2003. The primary purpose of this booth will be to raise awareness of Transfandom and to gauge any potential interest from the Australian public in running a full scale dedicated Transformers convention. So in affect, we're testing the waters and if enough people say that they would attend a dedicated Transformers convention, then we will begin arranging for one in 2004, just in time for the 20th anniversary of the Transformers!

What's going to happen at the OzFormers booth?As mentioned before, the primary purpose of the booth will be to test fan interest for any possible future full scaled dedicated Transformer conventions in Australia. Consequently, we will be running a survey asking several relevant questions which will determine whether a dedicated Transformers convention will be viable or not.

In addition, we will also be promoting Transfandom, including promoting OzFormers and offering people a chance to become a member of the longest running authorised Transfan organisation in Australia.

Will there be any exclusive merchandise?
You bet your Energon cube there will!! Unfortunately Hasbro never got back to me about an exclusive toy, but there will be an exclusive comic book (entitled "On Devil's Ground") and posters!

Can I reserve an order for the comic book?
For those of you who cannot make it to Sydney for the convention and would like to reserve a copy of On Devil's Ground, then please Email ozformers@yahoo.com.au and provide your full name, postal address and contact telephone number.

Note that at this stage we can NOT guarantee any reservations. But don't worry, we won't be asking you to pay any money until we can be sure that we can provide you with a copy of the book.

The book is costs $3 per issue. There is also a postal fee of $7 for anywhere within Australia and New Zealand (sorry, no overseas orders!).

Reservations will be strictly limited to one copy per customer. Prices are subject to change.



Goktimus Prime's Log
07/08/02: Idea of an Australian Transformers stall to be held in Sydney proposed.
12/08/02: Proposal forwarded to Griffin. Griffin agrees to contact Hasbro to seek approval.
Proposal presented (via Email) to convention organiser, Daniel Zachariou (ComicFest, SupaNova).
15/08/02: Approval from Daniel Zachariou. Since this will represent a commercial license (trademark), there will be a full sized booth instead of a little stall for OzFormers.
07/09/02: Approval from Hasbro Australia!!
Email from Daniel Zachariou confirming SupaNova dates for April 5 and 6 2003.
10/09/02: Griffin and I agree to call the booth "OzFormers" -- since this event is primarily being run and funded by OzFormers.
16-11-02: ComicFest happens. Standard booth size estimated to be 3mx3m. Location of SupaNova confirmed.
For more details, please visit the official SupaNova website.
06-01-03: Production on the exclusive comic book has begun! Plans for other exclusive merchandise still in progress.
13-01-03: Title of the comic is decided. Exclusive Comic Cover Preview!! Cover by Tiger Convoy
28-01-03: All final legal and financial details for the convention are being wrapped up this week.
It's Official!! There will be a theatrical screening of Transformers The Movie at the convention (Saturday April 5th, 4:30pm)! Special thanks to Madman Entertainment.
28-03-03: Only one week to go! The OzFormers booth will be located at booth #18, opposite from the Cartoon Gallery booth. Click here to view the SupaNova 2003 floor plan.
05-04-03/06-04-03: It happens! Click here to read the convention report.
12-04-03: Convention photos can be found here!