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*Unless stated otherwise, all photos were taken by yours truly.


(Left to Right): Devil Catbus, Phoenix, Dirge, Charlotte, Megatron, Goktimus Prime and Tranzmetal.

MELBOURNE TRANSFAN MEET: Day One (14 December 2001)

Dirge gets close to some toys (photo courtesy of SofaMan)

Goktimus Prime and Kickback have a snooze (photo courtesy of SofaMan)

SofaMan happily hanging onto Dirge's LioCaesar(photo courtesy of SofaMan)

Dirge, SofaMan and Goktimus Prime lounging around and playing with Transformer toys.

Dirge eats a Japanese Micromaster whilst SofaMan plays with Leozak and Tiger Convoy holds onto Dirge's Tackle.

Dirge, SofaMan, Tiger Convoy and Goktimus Prime posing in front of all the toys we brought with us to Melbourne,
     as well as some of the toys we had already acquired on the day.

MELBOURNE TRANSFAN MEET: Day Two (15 December 2001)

Standing at the action figure aisle at Melbourne CBD Myers L-R: Armada Convoy, Dirge, Goktimus Prime, Cylebe,
    Tiger Convoy, Cailan, Demonac, Paul Frawley (Rhinox) and SofaMan.(photo courtesy of SofaMan)

My personal acquisitions from the Melbourne Meet

SYDNEY TRANSFAN MEET, December 29 2001

Tiger Convoy playing with Generation One Alert (Red Alert reissue).

The ever elusive Tranzmetal (aka tranzient).

(Left to Right): Charlotte, MaxieWolf, Dirge, Shadowcaster and Tiger Convoy

(Left to Right, back): Goktimus Prime, Dirge, MaxieWolf, Charlotte and Griffin
     (Left to Right, front): Tiger Convoy and Shadowcaster

SYDNEY TRANSFAN MEET, September 29 2002

Dai Atlas wields Star Saber with "Mini-Me" riding atop. (photo courtesy of ExcelonZero)

(L-R, back): Phoenix, Belinda, Goktimus Prime, Dirge, Charl
     (L-R, front): Megatron, MaxieWolf, ExcelonZero, Shadowcaster (photo courtesy of ExcelonZero)

As above, 'cept that ExcelonZero doesn't seem too happy about Doublecross pecking on his head. (photo courtesy of ExcelonZero)

Belinda wielding an RPG magazine.

MaxieWolf playing with Jawbreaker.

Wolfang riding atop Belinda's beanie pegasus.

SYDNEY #transformers MEET, November 3 2002

Spiralpoison watching Beast Wars Neo.

Dirge lounges around.

DevilCatbus assembles Six Turbo.

Spiralpoison playing around with Bonecrusher whilst Cheetor and CatSCAN embrace in the foreground.

Dirge calls TranzMetal, Spiralpoison is oh-so-enthralled with watching Car Robot whilst DevilCatbus is still stuck on that bloody Micromaster.

DevilCatbus created a motorcycle mode with Manterror, mounted by Blackararchnia. We all had a good laugh at this.

Dirge gives Spiralpoison some pointers on transforming Transmetal Cheetor.

Dirge and TranzMetal doing some serious toy playing.


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