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Month / Year Name (alt mode)
September 1998 Lio Convoy (lion)
October 1998 Galvatron (dragon, drill tank)
November 1998 Dinobot (velociraptor)
December 1998 Inferno (fire ant)
January 1999 Grimlock (robot T-Rex)
February 1999 Galvatron (space cannon, gun)
March 1999 Silverbolt (wolf-eagle fusion)
April 1999 Breakdown (Lamborghini Countach)
May 1999 Blaster (stereo radio cassette player)
June 1999 Shockwave (space gun)
July 1999 Airazor (peregrine falcon)
August 1999 Starscream & B.B. (SF jets)
September 1999 Bumblebee (Volkswagen Beetle)
October 1999 Quickstrike (scorpion-cobra fusion)
November 1999 Sideswipe (Lamborghini Countach)
December 1999 Depth Charge (robotic manta ray)
January 2000 Ravage (microcassette tape)
February 2000 Springer (car, helicopter)
March 2000 Soundwave (radio cassette player)
April 2000 Rodimus Prime (truck)
May 2000 Megatron (Walther P-38)
June 2000 Tigerhawk (mecha eagle-tiger fusion)
Dual Transformers of the Month system begins.....
Month / Year Heroic Transformer Evil Transformer
July 2000 Optimus Prime (tractor trailer truck) Starscream (F-15 Fighting Eagle)
August 2000 Ultra Magnus (car carrier) Megatron (Abrams tank)
September 2000 Big Convoy (woolly mammoth) Carnivac (mechanical wolf)
October 2000 Ironhide (Toyota Onebox) Piranacon (gestalt)
November 2000 Ratchet (Toyota Onebox ambulance) Magmatron (Gigantosaurus, Elasmosaur and Queztacoatlus)
December 2000 Prowl (Datsun Fairlady ZX police car) Sixshot (armoured carrier, ramming tank, 
laser pistol, star fighter, robotic wolf-creature)
January 2001 Wheeljack (Lancia Stratos turbo) Rumble (microcassette tape)
February 2001 Optimus Primal (silverback gorilla) Megatron (tyrannosaurus rex)
March 2001 Blackarachnia (spider) 
Silverbolt (technorganic condor)
Blackarachnia (spider) 
Jetstorm (aerodrone)
April 2001 Arcee (scifi car) Rampage (mechanical crab)
May 2001 Rattrap (Norway rat) Menasor (gestalt)
June 2001 Nightbeat (Porsche) Thundercracker (F-15 Fighting Eagle)
July 2001 Cheetor (cheetah) Thunderwing (interstellar jet)
August 2001 Super Fire Convoy (fire engine) Gigatron (hand, dragon, race car, jet, bat)
September 2001 Jazz (Porsche 935 Turbo) Abominus (gestalt)
November 2001 Jetfire (customised VF-1S Valkyrie) Devastator (gestalt)
December 2001 Perceptor (light microscope) Tarantulas (spider)
January 2002 Wreck Gar (motorcycle) Spinister (Apache assault helicopter)
For personal reasons, TFOTM was on hiatus between February to August 2002. Thank you for understanding.
Month / Year Heroic Transformer of the Month Evil Transformer of the Month
September 2002 Rhinox (rhinoceros) Tankor (tank drone)
October 2002 Fortress Maximus (city, battlecruiser) Quake (tank)
November 2002 Skids (Honda City Turbo) Jhiaxus (stellar fighter jet)
December 2002 Sky Lynx (space shuttle) Waspinator (wasp)
January 2003 Sentinel Prime Scorponok (city, robotic scorpion)
February 2003 Hound (army jeep) Scorponok (scorpion)
March 2003 Brawn (4WD) Bludgeon (tank)
April 2003 Roadrage (Corvette Stingray) Venom (robotic grasshopper)
May 2003 Crosscut (Honda City Turbo) Gelshark (cybernetic shark)
June 2003 Hot Rod (race car) Black Convoy (oil tanker truck)
July 2003 Clampdown (L.Countach police car) Frenzy (microcassette tape)
August 2003 Metroplex (city, mobile assault base) Tripredacus (gestalt)
September 2003 Deepcover (Lamborghini Countach) Trypticon (city, mobile assault base)
October 2003 Huffer (truck cab) Blitzwing (tank, fighter jet)
November 2003
Cliffjumper (Porsche)
Astrotrain (locomotive, shuttle)
December 2003
Smokescreen (Datsun Fairlady ZX,
                    Subaru Impreza WRC 2003)
Unicron (monster planet)

Singular Transformer of the Month system resumes...

Month / Year Name (alt mode)
January 2004 Hauler (crane truck)
February 2004 Wheeljack (Armada; futuristic sports car)
March 2004 Over-Run (scifi jet/gun)
April 2004 Starscream (Armada; scifi jet)
May 2004 Transmutate (no alternate mode)
June 2004 Dai Atlas (scifi tank, scifi shuttle, base)
July 2004 Hot Spot (fire engine)
August 2004 Spinister (helicopter)
September 2004 Superion (gestalt)
October 2004 Lio Kaiser (gestalt)


Month / Year Name (alt mode)
November 2004 Roadbuster (armoured jeep)

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Looking for past Transformers of the Month entries? There aren't any. I routinely DELETE all Transformer of the Month entries whenever a new one is added. I don't maintain any sort of archive with past entries. Maintaining such an archive would expend a lot of memory not only on this domain, but on my hard drive as well. At any rate, I think it's far too late for me to start maintaining an archive now (it would be something I would have had to have done from the very beginning).
If you don't want to miss out on a Transformer of the Month entry, then please visit this site regularly. I make no apologies to those of you who couldn't be bothered to visit my site at least once a month. My apologies to those who want to view entries before they discovered Planet Sabretron. There's really nothing I can do to retrieve the deleted files without a time travel machine.
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