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Note: Also spelt "LIO CAESAR," however the name uses the Latin pronunciation for 'Caesar,' which is "Kaiser" ([kaise;]) Consequently I will use the Kaiser spelling, as it is more phonetically accurate insofar as not alluding to the English pronunciation of Caesar ([si;ze';])

DATA TRACKS...> Tech Specs



ABILITIES: By gather the Breast Power from the six (Breastmasters) except for Death Zaras, possesses combat power that exceeds even the Autobot Road Caesar!

WEAPON: Strike Gun

FUNCTION: Heavy Mobile Assault Trooper

SPECIAL ATTACK: The "Battle Explosion" maneuvre creates momentary illusion of self-destruction, hiding attacks to the enemy from above, on the ground and from behind at super speeds.


Strength: 10.0 Intelligence: 9.0 Speed: 10.0 Endurance: 10.0

Rank: 9.0 Courage: 9.0 Firepower: 9.0 Skill: 9.0



Unlike the introduction of a lot of other gestalt teams, the Decepticon Breast Force (so called because their breast-plates could detach and transform into a robotic beast or gun, now stop laughing!) were introduced gradually throughout the Transformers Victory series. Although this effectively delayed the introduction of Lio Kaiser (for he could not be formed without all six members present), it did however allow for the series to gradually introduce the individual Breast Force members. This allows for far more individuality to be

portrayed for each Decepticon. The Breast Force made their first appearance in the episode "Uchū no Yūsha Sutā Seibā" (Cosmic Hero Star Sabre) where Leozak, Jalgar, Killbison and Drillhorn were introduced. Initially, the Breastmasters (I said stop laughing) were recluse - staying in the background whilst they conveyed orders from Death Zaras to the Kyōryū Sentai (Dino Team). They took a more active role in combat fairly soon though, initially to reinforce Dinoking against Star Sabre and Road Caesar.


Leozak is the leader of the group and the Decepticon second-in-command under Death Zaras, although Leozak secretly wants leadership for himself. Unlike Starscream, Leozak has no intention of challenging Death Zaras for leadership, rather, he displays filial piety to his lord and has been known to take action (or inaction) to make other Decepticons, especially Gōryū and his Dino Team. Hellbat was introduced in a later episode, "Shin Heishi Herubatto" (New Soldier Hellbat). Hellbat possesses a similar power to Mindwipe; being able to use forms of mental hypnosis, although Hellbat's powers of suggestion are far weaker than Mindwipe's, being only strong enough to put subjects to sleep. Hellbat has similar ambitions to Leozak, and after secretly learning of Leozak's ambitions, Hellbat will use subterfuge to undermine Leozak and elevate his own status.


The Lio Kaiser gestalt requires at least six Breast Force Decepticons. The sixth member, Death Cobra, was summoned

("Shutsugeki!! Buresto Fōsu" [Operation Breast Force]). Hellbat went to intercept Death Cobra to convince him not to heed the call to arms, but Death Cobra refused. Hellbat fired upon Death Cobra to incapacitate him but ended up accidentally killing him. Hellbat was quick to frame the Autobot Micromaster Holy for Death Cobra's... well... death. Without a sixth member, it seemed unlikely that the Breast Force could unite into Lio Kaiser. Fortunately there was another Breasmaster they could use - Guyhawk. The other five Breastmasters launched an attack on the planet Micro's Lunar penal colony where Guyhawk was imprisoned and freed their comrade ("Dakkan! Gaihōku" [Rescue! Guyhawk]). Finally they could merge into Lio Kaiser!


Lio Kaiser first demonstrated the full extent of his powers in "Shitō!! Nankyoku no Kōbōsen" (Death Match!! The Antarctic Battle of Attack and Defence). Lio Kaiser uses the combined power, combat skill and battle strength of the entire Breast Force, making him more powerful than any previous gestalt warrior. His primary weapon is the Strike Missile Gun. Secondary weapons are his Electro-Nunchaku and Electro-Spear. Lio Kaiser moves with incredible speed and can even become invisible for limited periods of time. His most powerful attack is the "Battle Explosion," where he summons all the energy within himself and explodes in a bright flash of light, seemingly self destructing, but in reality splitting up to attack from all angles while the enemy is still blinded and confused. 


In the manga series, Leozak has a younger sister named Laizak.

DATA TRACKS...> Toy Review

Lio Kaiser is arguably the greatest gestalt toy made during the G1 era and represented the first Transformers gestalt to heavily employ the use of self-contained gestalt parts. Except for the face plate, every other part of Lio Kaiser is self-contained, something which is now a standard feature of Transformers gestalts (Combiners).

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