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Planet Sabretron and OzFormers present


Australian Transformers Convention Project


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Click here to access the story and tech specs for the Autobot Chainmasters!

November 6, 2004

Ashfield Catholic & Community Club

5-9 Charlotte Street Ashfield Sydney NSW

10am - 6pm


Cost of Entry: $10

All attendees receive a free* exclusive Transformers comic book and toy!

*While stocks last Booked Out!

Following the successful response by fans to the OzFormers 2003 booth at the SupaNova Convention in Sydney, SikCow Toys and Planet Sabretron have decided to unite to bring Australian Transfans what they've been longing for - a dedicated Transformers convention!


* Toy Dealers! The one overwhelming thing that you, the fans, told us that you wanted in the survey we conducted at OzFormers 2003 was toys! Let's face it, if you're coming to a Transformers convention, you're going to want to buy toys! A list of attending dealers will be placed here soon. If you are a dealer who would like to attend this convention, then please contact us for further information.


* Competitions: Compete in any of these contests for a chance to win prizes!
* Transformers Armada: Battle For Cybertron Tournament.

* Art Competition. Click here for more details.

* Trivia! Transformers Trivia questions will be asked randomly throughout the day allowing attendees to win prizes no matter what time you may rock up.

* Throttlebot Grand Prix! Bring your own Throttlebot and race against other competitors. Email here for more information or to register your Throttlebot.

* Karaoke Competition


2003 Battle For Cybertron Tournament

* Exclusive Stuff! We're going to have another exclusive comic book this year (free to all attendees!) and exclusive toys (limited numbers!! - and free to the first attendees through the door!) Update: All exclusive toys have now been pre-reserved!

* Toy Swap & Trade Attendees are encouraged to bring Transformers toys to swap, sell or buy. A special part of the hall will be set aside for fans to trade figures. Please note that fans do so at their own risk and convention administration take no responsibility for theft, loss, damage etc.

* Screenings! Classic episodes, Japanese episodes, Transformers the Movie etc!



Submission Procedures: Contestants must provide the following information on the back of their entry:

        - Name

        - Address

        - Contact telephone number

        - Email address

Failure to provide above information may result in immediate disqualification. Convention organisers and volunteers take no responsibility for submissions. Although care will be taken, entrants submit their art at their own risk.



1) Entries must be original art.

2) Contestants must submit their art by noon on the day of the convention.

3) Entry must be entirely created by the participant.

4) Entry must have a Transformers theme. It may be an existing Transformer or one of your own creations.

5) Entries must be 21 x 29.7cm (A4 size) or less. Entries beyond this size will be displayed, but will not be part of the competition. Various colouring media such as watercolours and coloured pencils are accepted.

6) Any contestant proven to have submitted a fraudulent entry not completely exclusively by them will be automatically disqualified from the contest and banned from future contests undertaken by the organisers.

7) Participants may consult a trainer/advisor. Trainer/advisor, family members and friends should only inspire, encourage and support the contestant.

8) The winner will be decided by a popularity vote.

9) We reserve the right to adjust the competition rules in any way we see fit and disqualify any entry for non-compliance with the rules.

10) We reserve the right to refuse entry/display to any artwork we deem inappropriate.

11) By entering the competition, the participant agrees to abide by the terms and conditions as set out on this website.



(Well not really, but they're the kind of questions people are likely to ask me)

1. When and where will this convention be held?

The convention will be held in Sydney NSW. At this stage, we are looking at holding this convention at the Ashfield Catholic and Community Club on November 6.

2. Is this convention and its exclusive merchandise authorised by Hasbro Co., Ltd.?

No. In short - it's because we cannot afford to pay the licensing fee that Hasbro requires to make items like the comic book, official. Sorry, but we're just humble fans trying to do a service for other fans. I'm in no way blaming Hasbro for protecting their property, that is their perogative and legal right, but the fact remains that we simply cannot afford the licence. Consequently we are intending to give the exclusive comic and toys away for free to all convention attendees (as stocks last), and the cost of any other pieces of merchandise will be as low as we can possibly make them (i.e.: we will only charge money to pay back the cost of producing and transporting said items). So this is an unlicensed convention with unlicensed exclusive merchandise made by fans for fans.

Don't let the fact that this is an "unofficial" fan convention discourage you. In fact, with the sole exception of OTFCC, all other Transformer conventions around the world are technically "unofficial" (hence why OTFCC has such a long and commercialised title).

3. Will there be any exclusive toys?

Yes! And I mean original convention exclusives, available only at this convention! However they will be in extremely limited numbers and we will be giving them away free to attendees while stocks last. Click here to pre-register and reserve an exclusive figure. Update: All exclusive figures have now been pre-reserved by pre-registrants. If you have missed out on pre-registering, then click here to enter your name in the Second Chance Draw.

4. Will there be any special guests?

Not for this year, as it is our first convention, and we need to obtain a better idea of how many people would attend this convention before such an idea would become viable. We will however be showing videos of interviews with voice actors etc. from BotCon and OTFCC.

5. I wanna help out!

Any help would be vastly appreciated. Click here to help promote this convention! See the volunteers section for more information... speaking of which...


I went totally nuts with stress organising last year's booth/convention, and to maintain what's left of my sanity, I'm going to need as many fans as possible to help out! Since this convention is a non-profit venture, I cannot pay you for your efforts - hence the use of the word volunteer. Volunteers are essential for the smooth running of any Olympic Game or toy convention!

We need volunteers for tasks such as:

    - Gatekeeping: standing by the entrance, gathering entrance fees etc.

    - Setting up and packing up

    - Distribution/sale of merchandise

    - Hosting/running events and competitions. If you do theatre sport experience, please consider being an event host!

    - Security. You will need to attend security training prior to the convention.

    - Being generally helpful

    - Organisation - think you've got some great ideas for an Australian convention? Then why not join us

      and help run it!




* You may pre-register in order to reserve an exclusive figure for yourself.

* Registration is limited to only one figure per pre-registrant.

* Your pre-registered figure must be collected by no later than 13:30 on the day of the convention (6/11/04).

* Due to highly limited quantities of figures being produced, we cannot offer any guarantee of which figure you will receive. Consequently, we will not honour any request for a specific figure. All convention attendees and pre-registrants will be given a random free figure.


To pre-register, send an email with the subject heading "PRE-REGISTRATION" and include your full name.

If you have missed out on pre-registering and reserving an exclusive figure, then send an email with the subject heading "SECOND CHANCE DRAW" and include your full name. Your name will be placed in a draw where we will give away any unclaimed reserved toys at 13:30 on the convention day. You must be present at the convention at this time to claim any second chance figures or we will draw again.



You must claim your pre-registered toy by 1:30pm at the convention. Failure to comply will result in the cancellation of your reservation.

All unclaimed figures will be given away to attendees, with priority given to attendees who missed out on getting a figure due to depleted stock.


Yes! You too can help spread the word about this convention (especially if you live outside Sydney!)

Just follow these simple steps!


Step 1: Click here to download the flyer.

Step 2: Cut off page header, footer and any web ads.

           The flyer itself is entirely black and white, making it ideal for photocopying! (yes, sometimes I amaze even myself)

Step 3: Distribute the flyer(s) around your neighbourhood!


You may approach locations such as:

    + Local restaurants and cafés (e.g.: all McDonalds restaurants have a community noticeboard)

    + Your local comic book and collectibles stores!

    + Your campus or workplace (if appropriate)



For pre-registration, volunteering or any further queries about this convention, contact Goktimus Prime at ozformers(at) Replace the (at) wtih @ in that E-mail address.